Artist’s impression of sectional title scheme

Sneak Peak : we are getting really excited about an imminent launch of a Sectional Title scheme at 101 Acutts, which will be at the north eastern border of the estate. We envisage 2-bed apartments and 3-bed duplexes, built to similar design code that defines our estate. More details to follow over the next few weeks…..keep watch this space and keep checking at the sales website or at the facebook page for more details.


Environmental revival of 101 Acutts

Alien Invaders such as Black Wattle and Blue Gum have become an increasingly invasive pest on the KZN landscape, wiping out pristine indigenous forest with their escalating exotic presence. These plants have a deep root system, and grow quickly, sucking out the nutrients from the soil and using any available water leaving little or no food or water for the other indigenous species trying to survive among them. As they push the indigenous plant species out, so the insect bird and animal life are compromised as their natural food sources are no longer available.

Comparing the landscape at 101 Acutts today to what is was in 2013, it is obvious that the undeveloped land previously planted with sugar cane but now standing vacant while the Estate is being built,  is just leaving space for alien plant invaders to spread and take over and this will continue at this alarming rate until the development is complete.

To protect the environment of the 101 Acutts Estate, the developer has embarked on a massive eco-project  eradicating the encroaching exotic species. The gum & wattle has been felled and transported to timber mills, leaving behind an indigenous forest which can now breathe in the sunlight and grow faster with the resultant increase in water, in turn supporting all the birds and insects in this natural environment.


Within a few short years, there should be a complete flora revival, along with a resurgence of the resident fauna – duiker, bushbuck, porcupine and rock hyrax amongst others – for the homeowners to enjoy. And there will be a beautiful 2.5km loop that can be enjoyed by the residents of 101 Acutts, proposed to be suitable for walking, running and moutain biking. What a pleasure to have all of that right on our doorsteps!

For all the latest property information and contact details at 101 please visit the website


101 Acutts, close to nature

101 Acutts is situated immediately adjacent to the Everton and Kloof conservancy areas, and near to Kranzkloof Nature Reserve. Comprising 46 hectares, on completion there will be 190 residential opportunities the vast majority being 1/2 acre or thereby freestanding plots. There are just two plots remaining for sale in what was the original phase One. And 2016 is a busy year for 101 with 9 homes under construction, another 6 about to be commenced after transfer and 4 more transfers awaiting final details.

The layout of the estate, and the sensitivity with which the stands have been allocated, allows a feeling of openness around the homes. There are large tracts of indigenous forest, grassland and conserved wetland throughout 101, and this certainly gives a feeling of country living. Conservancy living even. Many buck and other small mammals have been seen, including dassie and mongoose. And while not within the estate this lovely sighting of two porcupine on Acutts Drive early in the morning gives a very clear indication of how the conserved areas of 101 Acutts could develop in the future.

Doesnt it sound very attractive; a large plot sensitively developed with conserved land and wildlife right on your doorstep, yet right next door to some of the best shopping, restaurants sports facilities and schools in the outer west are of Durban.

Sales information is available here

Many thanks to Gavin for photographing the porcupine on his way to work.




2016 will be a big year for 101 Acutts

As we go into December, the Developer of 101 Acutts is working hard to start the next series of homes. Breaking ground on 6 developments with another 6 coming up in the New Year. 101 Acutts family estate is becoming the place where everyone wants to buy in the Upper Highway area. 2016 will see around 100 trees being planted along the roads of the estate, with about another 150 trees introduced throughout the estate. A  pathway through the conserved grass and wetland area is being developed for families to enjoy, bringing them close to the vlei and all the associated bird activity. 101 Acutts is becoming the environment for families to be in.

Details regarding sales can be accessed here


an aerial view of 101 Acutts

Taken using a quadcopter drone on 8th October 2015, this footage shows both the amount of progress in developing 101 Acutts, and the amount of open conserved areas that exist within the boundaries of the estate. It really shows the potential of the estate, country living at its best.


Fibre to the Home – 101 Acutts connected!!


The Home Owners Association (HOA) are delighted to be have entered into an agreement with local technology company Tech5 that has seen the first homes and the gatehouse already connected to the Internet using state of the art technology. AirFibre provides super fast internet connections without relying on ground cabling.The chair of the HOA, Tony Keddie, said “This is great news for 101 Acutts. High speed connectivity means the best in home entertainment at reduced cost, while business owners working from home no longer have to rely on expensive mobile options that were slow and unstable. And with the fibre link we can now have cost-free secure communications between homes and the gatehouse, and reduced costs using VOIP phones. We are very pleased that this estate has this already, and intend to use all of the available features in the future to make the estate as safe and secure as possible.”

Using AirFibre, the benefits include:

Super-fast service
Reliable fast broadband access speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 50Mbps capped and uncapped service at fixed broadband Internet rates.

Service upgrades to higher speeds at any time with future speeds of up to 300Mbps.

A true one stop shop from provisioning the wireless infrastructure at your premises to installing the Broadband router. Tech5 supports the broadband service via a support helpdesk.

AirFibre network is secure, and not susceptible to cable theft.
Our dedicated technical team supports and monitors the solution 24 hours a day

Product Spec & Benefits

  • Enjoy fast speeds from 10Mbps to 50Mbps
  • Monthly capped and uncapped plans available
  • High availability – no copper lines required!
  • Faster installation times

Details of the internet packages are available from the sales agent at the estate, and here, and can be built in so your new home at 101 Acutts is fully connected on the day you move in.

Overseas interest in 101 Acutts


This is a Google Earth image of the area now occupied by 101 Acutts estate from March 2004. The main roads of Acutts Drive and Inanda Road are clearly visible along with the main contours and forested areas of the estate. The beginnings of Le Domaine are to the south, while the municipal reservoir and the suburb of waterfall beginning at the Walk are to the North.

This is the estate in April 2015. Notice just how open and spacious the estate is, thanks to the large stand size and considerate placing of homes.


The analytics from the website are very interesting; while the vast majority of viewers of the estate are from South Africa, there have also been visitors from Germany, Sweden, Australia and the UK. And these visits have been for extended periods of time, showing that there is genuine interest in property here. It is no surprise that we have overseas interest: we already have residents from overseas, the climate is fantastic, the amenities of the area are first class (for full details please read this blog entry). The estate also boasts excellent accessibility to the M13 and N3 highways taking you into the business suburbs of Durban or to the rapidly expanding business opportunities in Cato Ridge, Pietermaritzburg and further into the KZN midlands. And we are only 45 minutes from the international King Shaka airport with Emirates flights daily to Dubai and onward to the world, or hourly flights to both Johannesburg and Cape Town. It would be lovely to hear from these people, are you South Africans looking to come home or friends from foreign lands who want to come live in this little bit of heaven?

the contact details for the sales team can be found on the hereand the main website is