101 HOA Chair’s report for 2017

The Annual General meeting of the 101 Acutts Home Owners Association was held on Thursday 9th March 2017. The report submitted by the Chair of the Association, Craig Bruton, can be found here.

Chairman’s Letter;

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to thank each of you for your attendance this evening ; for taking time out of your busy schedules and showing committed interest in this increasingly successful estate, or home if you prefer.

I would also like to thank the fellow directors and volunteering members for their time, effort and expertise that they have devoted to the affairs of the Homeowners Association In what has been an eventful and taxing period.

Further thanks to our Managing Agents for their help and guidance along the way.
The past few years have seen 101 Acutts transforming from infancy, through some tough
transitional stages, edge towards critical mass, and now settling into a groove that will see it through to ultimate completion.

To give some idea of growth path, consider the number of land transfers per year as below: 5No in 2012 /8No in 2013 / 13No in2014 / 17No in 2015 / 22No in 2016 / 21No pending transfer Iin 2017, to date (with many more sales expected this year).

This upwardly moving trendline is indicative of an estate that ha.s grown in stature and prestige, and becoming increasingly sought-after in the open marketplace. This is no mean feat considering the competition that we are amongst, with a lot of impressive estates in very close proximity.

The trendline is also indicative of a suburb that is becoming increasingly sought-after. With the completion of the dual carriageway along lnanda Road, Watercrest Mall, Curro School, and numerous other positive developments happening or planned for Hillcrest, an estate home is this region is a very solid investment.

We have a very exciting future ahead, and It will be very rewarding to see how the estate continues to expand, mature, and flourish in the years to come. In order to achieve these goals, we require buy-in from the Members, who all need to pull in the same direction, and chip in with help where required. So we really encourage everyone to put up their hands when needed, respect the conduct codes, and generally have a mindset
that progresses and enhances the development of this estate.

With this said, we move onto the highlights of the year …. hopefully this list will get longer and longer with each passing year, as the estate moves to becoming one of the best in the region.
Craig Bruton – Acting Chair

The full report can be found here


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